What's Inside



V Big Breakfast

Beyond sausage, baked beans, hash brown, scrambled egg, grilled portobello mushroom and grilled vine tomatoes.


V Classic Sourdough

Avocado slices, grilled juicy portobello mushroom, cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs served with classic sourdough bread.

V Made Plant-Based Meat Bun

Filled with deep fried V meat chop, pumpkin floss, fresh butterhead in soft and pillowy lotus leaf bun with parmesan crisp.


V Signature Cold Delights

Signature cold delights served with fusili, fresh mushroom, cherry tomatoes and grilled potatoes blend in ranch dressing.


V Hakka Mee

Springy Hakka noodle topped with stewed V minced meat and V meatball.



Double Cheese Burger

Toasted bun, cheese, V plant-based meat patty, sliced tomato, fresh coral, pickled cucumber, double cheddar sliced cheese with mayo sauce.

Eggie V Meat

Toasted bun, sliced cheddar cheese, kale mixed with V plant-based meat patty, fresh coral, scrambled egg, mayo sauce.

Beyond Plant-Based Meat Burger

Beyond meat patties, grilled portobello mushroom, sunny side up egg, melted cheese, pineapple ring, fresh vege and mushroom sauce, you got cheesy wedges for sides!


Hawaiian V Meat Pizza

Signature pizza served with V minced meat, diced sweet bell peppers, pineapple and topped with smoked BBQ sauce & tomato bolognese sauce.


Kale V Meat Pizza

Pizza served with freshly picked kale, white button mushroom, blend in green vegetable paste, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.




Hulk Soupe du Jour

Fresh pick kale soup with cream sauce and lemon.

Fresh Mushroom Soup

Fresh Garden Tomato Soup



SiChuan Spicy V Popcorn Meatball


V Meatball




Curly Fries


Sweet Potato Fries


French Fries



DIY Salad

Choose your favourite vege.

Apple Walnut Salad with Balsamic

Your favourite coral combined with butterhead, cucumber, fresh green apple, carrot, pomegranate, balsamic pearl, all dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and mint leaf.

Salad with Fresh Lemon Honey Dressing

Fresh and greeny coral mixed with baby spinach, butterhead, tri colour sweet bell pepper , sweety cherry tomato, high nutrition red dates, goji, walnut with honey, lemon, olive oil dressing.

Superfood Quinoa Bowl

Tri colour quinoa,broccoli,scrambled eggs,mixed berries,purple cabbage, avocado baked with egg yolk and truss tomato.


V All Love Nasi Lemak

Classic nasi lemak served with V meatballs in red curry gravy, sunny side up egg and papadum.

V Hainanese Grandpapa's Rice

Deep fried V meat chop coated with egg and served with Hainanese sauce.

Taiwanese Braised V Meat Rice (Lu Rou Fan)

Braised V minced meat in Taiwan style, served with braised egg.

V Curry in Green

V Meatball and assorted mushroom in green curry gravy served with fragrant rice.

Mapo Tofu V Meat Rice

Served with peppercorns and dried chillies, fried egg, traditional tofu and V minced meat.

V Really Like Sweet & Sour

Fried V Meatball with sweet & sour sauce, served with fragrant white rice.


Thai Holy Basil Minced Meat Rice

Served with V minced meat, roots of basil leaves, red "cili padi" and egg.


Spaghetti Bolognese with Plant-Based Meatball

Classic spaghetti Bolognese topped with assorted Italian herbs, served with pan fried V meatballs.


Spaghetti Aglio-Olio Topped with Plant-Based Sausage

Stir fry spaghetti with chilli flakes and a drizzle of olive oil, served with pan fried Beyond sausage.

Black Pepper Udon with Beyond Sausage

Served with cabbage and special black pepper sauce, topped with Beyond sausage slices.


Spaghetti in Carbonara with Plant-Based Minced Meat

Spaghetti with sauteed Shimeji mushroom in creamy sauce, served with signature V minced meat.


Spaghetti in White Tom Yum Style

Assorted mushroom and spaghetti in a mouthwatering and fiery white tom yum cream sauce.


Pasta Con Ceci

Stir fried fusilli with chickpeas, roasted broccoli and served with portobello baked egg yolk.


Pesto and Pasta

Cherry tomatoes, Shimeiji mushroom, White button mushroom Spinach, Grated parmesan cheese, black pepper course ,olive oil.